What Is Stress Eating?

Emotional-EatingEvery now and then the strongest yearning for food take place when you’re at your weakest point emotionally. You may turn to food for relief — consciously or unconsciously — when you’re facing a complicated problem, anxiety or just looking to keep yourself busy.

A lot of us suffer from what's recognized as emotional eating. In this circumstance food is eaten for gratification instead of for nourishment as it's intended. it's used as a coping mechanism to alleviate distressful feelings, such as depression, anger, boredom and other related emotions.

Emotional eating is a good deal different than eating to satisfy real hunger. It can be a reason in weight gain, obesity. Emotional and psychological distress due to the guilt and shame that it can stimulate in those who engage in it.

Normally the emotional eater will choose unhealthy foods, like, ice cream, cookies and other sweets because it's the fat and sugar in them that brings a feeling of happiness and excitement as they induce reward centers in the brain to release “feel good”. Chemicals.

Emotional eating can be ruthless or an occasional incident, but. Most it becomes a habit. Something that regrettably they're not even aware exists in their own lives. Old habits die hard as the saying goes. Those who are unaware automatically reach for chips and ice cream when they're distressed or bored.

While this type of eating seems helpful for comforting emotions in a jiffy, it can cause severe damage to the body if left untreated. Those who are emotional eaters usually find themselves overweight, unhealthy. Even depressed over time from all the empty calorie eating overdo.

Overeating is an incredibly widespread coping mechanism that affects a large proportion of the people worldwide. Sorry to say, eating away pain and stress is only a short-term fix for complex problems.

To deal with emotions when they begin to rise, meditate. Meditating is an old practice that give emphasis to the significance of being mindful and deliberately placing center of attention on calming thoughts and ideas. People often discover that meditation is a great way to clear feelings, reduce angst. Relieve stress because it helps them to calm down their muscles, take away negative thoughts. Focus on the positives. Meditation is also wonderful when paired with exercise. Through focus and purpose, anyone can put an end to this habit and begin the flight to a healthier mind and body.


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